Pre Snowstorm Shopping List

We are expected to get a little (read - ALOT) winter weather overnight. I'm not a fan. Never have been - only when I was in school and got the random day off but I hardly ever played in the snow. I prefer the indoor part of it - fire, book, hot chocolate. I can do without wet, freezing and numbness! Now, as a working adult, I really do not like it. I still have to get to work somehow and along with being part time, I don't have the luxury of taking time off that is paid. If I don't work, I don't get any bacon to bring home.

This is the other reason for not wanting snow. My Santa!!!!! LH is supposed to have his Kindergarten Holiday program tomorrow night!!! IF they don't go, I HOPE it would be rescheduled. I couldn't imagine them cancelling it. The kids are super excited and have worked so hard for weeks practicing! "Santa" has invited everyone and anyone to come see him! He doesn't speak, but he's got a big part.

I'm so lucky to have friends that teach at his school and can "spy" for me. This was the little happy I got in my inbox yesterday!!!

So, onto the post title....the shopping list. I went out to Kroger for a few necessities and first on my list was......WINE! I had to make sure they didn't run out! Forget bread and milk, I have priorities! Along with my vino, I grabbed some coffee and creamer (because that would just be sad),and some marshmallows! See, I know how to stock up for a big storm!

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