Gearing up for Sleep deprivation

I have tried to go to bed early. I am actually even tired some nights around 9 or 9:30, but when I try to go to sleep, my body says no. I find myself feeling anxious, restless, and just uncomfortable. So, most nights I'm up until at least 11 and sometimes 11:30 after the news. I wake up at 6, so not much sleep is happening. Add in all the potty breaks and I'm really struggling. This morning LH was in my room at 5:10! WHY? I have no idea. Sure, crawl in bed with mommy for an hour, but really, he doesn't go back to sleep. He tosses, he turns, he cuddles up beside me (which I love but makes me too hot) and he rubs my arms, etc, etc. He does NOT go back to sleep. I finally told him to go back to his room, to which he cried and then I just left him in my bed and I got up. After going to bed at 11:45 last night that puts me around 4 1/2 hours of sleep.
I am just practicing for this baby and preparing my body to function on hardly any shut-eye! It's all worth it I know, but I would love a nap today...too bad I have to work!

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