Nesting or just plain neurotic?

I'll go with neurotic at this point. Nesting is full gear, but the things I'm thinking about now are just plain silly. Now, waking up in the middle of the night worried that my phone isn't charged, what if I go into labor with Hubby at work, who would I call to come over to keep LH, and wonder what "going into labor" really feels like, are all vaild concerns at this point I know. However, waking up at 4:30 am and wondering about wedding photos, notsomuch! I never got a real album. My photographer was great, but he gave me real pictures as proofs - not digital, which I'm actually happy about now since I can't find his website or contact info anymore. I made an albumn, but more of scrapbook. I just don't like it. I want something more. So, of course, as logical as it seems, I must scan in my photos and work on that tonight. I'm crazy I know. I've started to accept this! It's just something I feel I need to do.
Also, I've already started thinking about Christmas. Yes, I do this early anyway, but I've almost figured it all out. I am hoping to have most of the shopping done, if not all of it, by the time I return to work in the beginning of November. Not to mention Christmas cards. I will have to wait to get a great family picture for those.
I've catorgorzied my emails to make sure that the "list" is complete of who to send info to when Baby #2 arrives as well as a list of who to call/text etc. I've also worked on a list of people to mail actual announcements to. I am getting my hair did tomorrow night and a pedicure on Monday night! The bag is mostly packed...minus the last minute stuff I'll throw in before we head to the hospital. I've made arrangements for LH (and had done this prior to my panic attack a few nights ago) and the dogs. At this point we are ready for whatever whenever...except that I'm not really ready! I mean, I am, and no matter what, this baby is coming 2 weeks from today, but I've got stuff going on that I'd really like to do before its time!
So, nesting, yes, neurotic, definitely! Thank goodness Hubby love me for who I am and just goes with the flow!

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amy said...

I know you are gettting excited!!! Can't wait to hear he/she is here!