Enjoying Life!!!

I'm so in love! Who knew you could fall in love over and over again!!! I'm done now by the way! Falling! First comes the hubby and I'm more in love with him everyday, then LH....then sweet Magpie!!! I hope I'll be okay when I have to go back to work. I have a little over a week left!
But, this falling in love thing is partially the reason I've been MIA lately. I have been really getting out and about and enjoying every minute of my time with sweet baby girl!
I feel good, rested and just giddy! Going from a threesome to a foursome was a little rocky in the beginning due to lack of sleep and all the changes we had in a short period of time, but now we are adjusting and getting into our new normal!
As much as I don't want to go back to work (well, maybe a little) I'll be a much better blogger when I do. Lunch breaks are awesome for that!!
See you soon, I promise!

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