Saving Face

My new do! I got my hair did the other day and got the "wings" chopped. I had it at a severe angle and stacked in the back. The front was just getting too long and making some flips so I wanted them gone and viola, I have a cute blunt bob! Minus the tired eyes, I think it looks great!
Well, apparently, so does my husband! This morning, he told me that I was looking skinny (I've started weight watchers and have lost about 13 pounds - woohoo), but that's not the point. The next comment is the point. He looks at my much better looking hair than this picture and says "I like your haircut! It looks really good with your face!" HAHAHAHAHA!! We just looked at each other for a minute then laughed. No, it didn't hurt my feelings and I knew he meant it in the sweetest way possible, it just came out wierd.
So, the rest of the day, he was saving face and telling me how PRETTY I was!! Well, how pretty my face is anyway! Love it!

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Mrs. J said...

why is it that they just can't find the right words? They mean well, but I have to question some of the things that come out of their mouths. So funny!