Another week flies by!

I can't believe Magpie is 16 days old now!!! How did that happen?? Wow. She seems so much bigger already and I just want to keep her teeny tiny forever! I would prefer her sleeping through the night even though she's been good to me in that department so far! I am really blessed that she has long stretches of 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours most nights! Momma is happy!
LH is adjusting well to life in Kindergarten and we still battle with some 'tude in the evenings, but overall we can't complain too much! The worst day is Thursdays because he actually has homework!!! I couldn't believe it, but he has a worksheet of words to trace each week and it takes about an hour and a few fits to get through. We bribed him yesterday with pizza day and ice cream! He usually packs lunch and buys only a couple times a week and is only allowed ice cream twice as well, so an extra day was a treat! He almost didn't make it though. Its rougher on us I think.
Gigi left last Sunday and I was so sad to see her go. She hung out everyday with us and helped out so much! I never once had to worry about LH, laundry, dishes, meals, or even the grocery store! Mostly we just chilled here with Magpie and chatted, watched shows and such! Nothing fancy but just enough! The MIL was visiting as well after work and brought dinner and they took LH out a couple times just to hang! We are so lucky to have such wonderful parents!
Hubby has been a terrific help this week since he took off after mom left. He has been doing the evening routines with LH and giving miss priss baths, etc. She's been alert and somewhat fussy around 9-11 some nights so he's been letting me sleep and hanging out with her. I will surely miss that help when he goes back to work on Sunday! He will still be up in the evenings, but he'll be gone for work around 10, so I'll be on my own!! I'm ok with that as she is a good sleeper so far and LH is in bed by 7:15 or 7:30 so it makes for fairly easy night times!

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