First photo shoot

OMG....I mean, really, she was just too cute! Awake and alert the whole time, which made for a harder time to position her and get her to pose the way we wanted her to, but still got some great shots! A friend of mine's mom is a photographer and did an amazing job! She had the cutest headbands, hats and such with big flowers on them and little baskets and things to put her in! We couldn't do this when LH was born, but we can now, and I'm so glad we did! It will take a few days to get the pics, but wow, she was adorable.
I'm sure we would like any of them, but she'll be picky about them but I don't care! I can't wait to see the finished product. Miss priss didn't disappoint in making her own statement. She peed a few times and even had a little poopy!! Thank goodness everything was washable! We would have loved to get a few more poses with different outfits and props, but she was super tired and would not go to sleep, so we called it quits. I don't blame her, she lasted for an hour and a half! She was naked and manhandled so much, I doubt sleeping was on her agenda! once we got her dressed again and in the car, she passed out for a couple of hours!!
I hope I can show you some of the proofs..but not sure if I'll have access to any of the digital ones? We'll see...but I do know that I'm not on the hunt for some flower headbands and hats!!!

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