Oh, the places he'll go!

Off he goes to Kindergarten! He was so excited and ready for whatever came his way! I was not! I didn't cry though. I was excited for him. I was a little sad that he grew up too fast but I had a little one to keep me company! Let's not discuss how I'll be in another 5 years when she's old enough for school!

He's a car rider so here we are leaving to head to his first day!

Off he goes to the car!

Really? Can you just feel the excitement?

Barely got a picture he was so ready to get in there!

AND then he passed out! We could barely wake him up and yet, he still went to bed early!

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Raising NIC said...

awwee i love it!!! my son started school too. i took him the 1st two days, and than he begged me to ride the bus with his friends. I followed the school bus for 2 weeks. so sad!! lol