Merry CHRISTmas!

We hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Christmas. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus first thing this morning along with a cake and candle. It made us proud that LH told us he already told Jesus happy birthday when he woke up! We are so proud of the young man he is and can't wait for him to teach M&M about all (ok, most) of the things he knows! He is a wonderful big brother!

We attended the family Christmas Eve Service - one of my favorite nights of the entire year! Kids everywhere, giggling, talking, occassionaly cries and snickers! I love it. Well, I love it when it's not my kid being the loud one!!! LOL
Our complete family! Love them!

And miss M&M in her precious Christmas dress! I have way too much fun dressing her up! Hubby said she looked like a big ornament!!! MIL said it was A LOT of dress for her...I think she has the big personality to pull it off!

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