Time flies...

I'm having sooooooo much fun with sweet baby girl, but time is flying by way too fast! I only have about 4 1/2 weeks left before going back to work. Boo! Now, I would love to spend more time at home but I'm not quite stay at home mom material really. I love working and having adult interaction, but I just love this time to bond with magpie and hanging out with LH after school! It is just so much fun! I'm blessed in so many ways.

So, things are good. She is a doll. Sleeping well and eating great - sometimes too great. I have been pumping to give me a break here and there because being attached to something that long sometimes is overwhelming. I have things to get done and places to go sometimes and just need it to be a quicker process. All and all, I love nursing, and I'll try to keep up as much as possible when I head back to work. Hopefully, I can keep up with her! She's getting so chubby, I love it.

She goes for her one month check up next week so we'll see just how well she's doing. I'm sure they will think she is perfect! How could they not!

LH is thriving in KG...he is having so much fun! He gets excited about everything, well, minus his weekly homework. He is getting better. We've shortened the one hour crying/whining fit to about 15 minutes and maybe some bribery of cookies, etc when finished! Whatever works as far as I'm concerned!

He had a playdate with a classmate last week and the mommies shared some coffee and chatting! She has a 3 month old little girl so we were in heaven hanging out with them while the boys played! She also passed on some cute girl clothes! Between those and the ones my college roomie gave me, I'll have a mini fashion show everyday just so she can wear them all!

LH did catch a bug this weekend and it wasn't pretty! He woke up around 4:30 am on Saturday puking...then it progressed to both ends all day! Thank goodness Hubby was home and could take care of him in the basement while the baby and I stayed upstairs. They practically lived down there for 2 days. He was pitiful...could hardly keep anything down for 24 hours! I was scared we might end up in the ER but he stopped getting sick as of Sunday morning! He still had a fever yesterday and wouldn't really eat, but could drink! He's home with us today just as precaution even though his fever broke early this morning! I wanted him to be well rested and healthy before going back to school! I just hope he stays that way!

Thankfully, the rest of us are well and haven't shown any signs of getting whatever he had!
Enjoy chubby cheeks!!!

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