Vacation Planned

Oh, how I wish his little feet were that tiny still! We planned our trip for the beach! We can't really do a typical vacation like everyone else because I don't get paid time off with a part time job, but we can still make a really nice vacation with what I do get!

We are going in June to the beach and thankfully no one else had booked the condo, so we should have a great 6 days away! I'm so excited to take LH this year mostly because it will be really warm! Now, its been warm enough for laying on the sand in a bathing suit when we've taken him before, but the water was usually never warm enough for him to really enjoy! It didn't seem to phase him any, but this time we'll all be able to enjoy it!

I'm sure I'll be a beauty at about 7 months pregnant!!!! Thank goodness I plan on taking some good books and staying put in my chair!

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