Fashion Statement

Here is what I'm thinking for LH's Easter outfit. I already have the pants, the shirt and the shoes! I think the sweatervest/sock combo is just toooooo cute! He will look so handsome!

Shirt is from Hartstrings! I love going to the outlet and getting nice quality clothes for him at a great price! I am not even sure this shirt has ever been worn yet!

The socks and vest are from Children's Place! I'm not huge on matchy matchy, but I think these are adorable!

The shoes are not the exact ones he has but very similar - he has dark laces! I got them on clearance from JC Penneys last year!

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Kel & Dennis said...

You remind me of my mother. I remember her dressing me in all sorts of outfits. Remember Cindy's dresses in The Brady Bunch? I had most of those dresses lol and my favorite... black and white saddle shoes. There's a small window of time you're able to dress your children up... do it until they revolt! lol