I got some motivation over the weekend thanks to some talk about a baby shower for baby #2! At first I was a skeptical of having another one, but after looking through all the baby stuff, there is a need for some things and its been FIVE years! So, I agreed. How do you tell 2 great friends no that are offering to do something so very sweet? You don't!!!

So, this got me in the mood for more browsing and such for baby. Here is what I think I like (and I KNOW that I can find) since I didn't have much luck with my first choices.

Crib from Walmart at the great price of $99! NOW, it says it's espresso, but in person, it looks closer to black, therefore, the following will make more sense.

IKEA rocker chair $69! Can get an automan with it as well. Black and White and Orange IKEA Fabric - need to see what I think of this in person.

Gray and White Fabric from IKEA

Panel curtain set from IKEA at $19.99 a SET! Bargains I tell ya!

IKEA fabric - need to see this in person. I want more of a lime-ish or true green, but its cute.

White and Black Dots IKEA fabric

Crazy Black Circles IKEA Fabric

Crazier Black circles IKEA fabric
So, I am thinking of a black/white/gray with some orange and possible turquoise or lime ish green if I can find some stuff I like. I would like to use small amounts of each. Like a two-side bumper, different bed skirt and then some accents like a throw or pillow! We'll see. In May, we'll be in ATL again, so hopefully by then I'll have a better idea!

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