Good Ol' Vitamin D

Oh, the sunshine was back this weekend....in full!

We enjoyed being outside playing at the park and with friends! I sported flip flops with pants and a jacket, but who cares!! I even let LH wear shorts yesterday!!! I know he should have been in pants really, but it was just too pretty!!!

I'm hoping that it will stick around and Spring is going to come afterall. I was a little concerned that it might hide out and bypass us this year! Only down side is that we lose an hour of sleep this weekend, but I can deal with that!

Hubby leaves for a golf trip tomorrow - for SIX days! He's very excited - me notsomuch. I'm glad he's going and will have a chance to really get away from work and stress and just relax, but we will miss him! I don't care that he's leaving, but it just happened to be the week that I had something scheduled every single night!!! Oh well, spending time with little man is way more fun than meetings at church and girls' nights out! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like being a single mommy!!! Yep, I'm sure! Hats off to those of you who do it everyday!!!

There are some positives to being home more this week - I will finally finish up going through my closet and switching the regular clothes with maternity clothes!! WOW, I am having a rough time finding things that fit NOW. I wish they had an inbetween maternity line....the "I'm really not just fat, but really am pregnant" clothes that you need around the 15th-16th week through about 22 weeks or so.....
Also, I am going to work on stuffing Easter Eggs for the church, cleaning out LH's room (yep, haven't done that yet), working on the "nursery" (kind of turning into a catch all room again), and possibly working in the basement getting it "finished" looking.

All this really depends on the weather!! I seem to drop all responsibilities when the sun is shining and we have an opportunity to enjoy spending time outside. I have time!! HA! I keep saying this, but it will sneak up on me, I know!

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