Plenty of Time

Really? I think I have oh so much time on my hands to get things done before this bambino comes barreling into our sweet little world! Yes, I said barreling....I know I know. Babies are sweet, cuddly, and cute, but they reek havoc in a perfect little world of three!! It will be a big change - one we are so blessed to accept and want so badly, but are we ready? Um, NO!!!

Remember the whole clean out the "office, spare room, junk room" post? Um, well, let's just say, that it doesn't look that uncluttered still. We are bad bad junk people. Ok, Hubby is going to have issue with the word "we" in this sentence!!! In his defense, the ONLY thing in that room belonging to him or put in there by him is his work clothes!! He has one of the closets - which will eventually be meshed with his regular clothes in our bedroom closet, but for now, he has a separate space!

I have this major "cleaning" issue! I hate clutter....Ok, let me clarify! I despise clutter you can see right when you walk in the door. Like, mail all over the kitchen counters, newspapers stacked up beside the trashcan, LH's toys just where he left them, and keys and wallets just sitting there beside the key hook and little tray for wallets. I know it sounds silly, especially since you have seen into my deep dark secret of hiding the clutter, but really, it makes me all cranky when I walk into the house and see that stuff. So, if I don't "see" it, its ok!!! Haha.

That room ends up with whatever needs to be pitched in an instant. It eventually gets taken out and put where it belongs...if we even have a place, but sometimes, it just catches whatever we are unsure of. Right now, its holding tubs of clothing. Mostly maternity clothing from people and all of which I need to return. It also has whatever was in my car, some wine glasses I painted that still need to be picked up, and some other odds and ends that I'm sure have homes.

Hubby and I still call it the "office" or "spare room". We have yet to really refer to it as the "nursery". It will come...I know it will. He has also brought to my attention that I will have to spend some extra time tidying up because I will have find a home for all things that would have gone in that room previously after the baby gets here. That should be fun. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll find a new "hiding" place!

So, with all that said, I am not ready for this baby. I'm not remotely on the same level as with my first pregnancy when it comes to all things baby! I am excited and I am growing (minus the few pounds I shed due to the stomach bug) and I like reading about all the cool things the baby is doing each week, but I'm not mentally ready. I feel like I have all kinds of time. I know that September isn't right around the corner or anything, but its not that far off when you reall stop and think about it, especially when you put that thing called Summer in there. We are super busy through Spring and Summer, so finding time to get all the baby stuff done will be a challenge (um, mostly because I'll want to be by the pool with my swollen feet propped up during my free time)!

I'm not nesting yet, obviously, but I'm not even all goo-goo ga-ga over furniture, bedding, stuff, etc. I know we have a other responsibilities this time around that we didn't have before (LH), but I feel like I'm so laid back this time. I'm sure it will hit me smack in the face one day that I have to get all kinds of stuff done and I'll be stressed and all worked up about it, but for now, I'm just not! Maybe that will change, maybe not. We'll see!

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