Yesterday, a girl in our office made a coffee run to Starbucks in the afternoon. I had hit my limit of caffiene for the day, so I asked if she could get me a small decaf. She came back and informed me that they did not make decaf coffee after 12pm! WHAT? I couldn't believe it.
I completely understand the need for a pickmeup in the afternoon and say, before 6pm, I wouldn't think much about it, but I would think that a big coffee chain would offer decaf in the later part of the day. I know a lot of people that aren't affected by caffiene in the evenings, but a lot are and still want the cup of joe, so would opt for a decaf. I guess we are all going to have to go elsewhere to get it.
Now, she said that the barista was very nice about it and did offer to make some but it would take a while.....too long for her to wait, so she declined.
Apparently, I found out from a very reliable source (aka a Starbucks employee) that there is a reason for no decaf in the afternoon - it costs too much to make. It is a money sucker and they rarely have any requests for it. Also, this policy has been in effect for at least 3 years. In additon, she did mention that there is some alternative but it costs a tad more. Also, she did say that there would be no wait if I called it in before hand to come pick it up. Hmmmm, something to ponder, but I doubt I would go through all that trouble just for a cup of decaf, especially knowing that they would waste an entire industrial size pot on me - and not to mention that I can get a good cup elsewhere.
I have a fondness for Starbucks, but I guess I'll have to reconnect with them in about 6 months or so.
Oh, and yes, I contacted the company on this matter (prior to getting an explanation from said friend) because I'm just like that.

Don't worry, I made do without the coffee. I took LH to get an ice cream cone - at 5pm.....and yes, we still ate a good dinner!!!

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Wow that's interesting, I didn't know that!