All Grown Up

I'm going to try to control my emotions today - this might be hard as I am extremely out of whack with my hormones!

It's a big day for us! Little Hauss is officially all grown up!!! I will be registering him for Kindergarten today! He's beyond thrilled about this new adventure - me, notsomuch! He loves to see the big yellow school buses in the mornings and talks about riding one when he's 5 years old! I just say, uh huh, and suck back my tears!

I really am excited for him and he will do phenominal I'm sure. He's all boy and a little rowdy at times, but I know that intellectually he's ready and he does well in a classroom setting, so I'm confident that with some guidance and mentoring he'll be on his way to great things!
Today won't be as hard at Sept. 7 (which is also his 5th birthday), so we have some time. If I thought my hormones were all jacked up now, I know that after this baby is born I'll be a mess!!! Hubby is very prepared!!!

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amy said...

Awww! Girl, I can't belive he is going to kindergarten too! Where has the time gone. Caleb will start next year. I know I will be a basket case! He is our last baby!