Close Encounters

Of the Deer Kind! Oh my, was it a close call this morning.

I hardly ever let the dogs out in the mornings. Usually I leave that task for Hubby as I'm usually frantically trying to get out the door on time, but amazingly, I had some extra time this morning. I can't say for sure, but it could have something to do with the fact that I had an outfit laid out, lunch packed, and LH was still sleeping!?!?

We have a run for the dogs, and I always put Zoey on a leash - if she gets away, she's not coming back for a good long time. Zeus, on the other hand, is well, he's special. He doesn't really need a leash and he's pretty good about exploring for a minute, then coming back. Last week, when there was still snow everywhere, he took off after a neighbor's cat and so now I check out the door before we go out. No sign of cats this morning, so I just let him out, and as I was getting to the run, I saw his head perk up (as he was marking the tree thank goodness) and as I slowly turned my head, I saw FOUR deer!!! Just staring at us in the back yard - probably a good 25-30 feet away, but pretty darn close! We are used to deer, but I guess it didn't dawn on me to check for them before we went out. Well, because he was still doing his business, I snatched his collar and led him to the run.

I know he was thinking about it, but I'm seriously wondering if he realized that there were more of them than him AND they were bigger?? Who knows - I guess I could call Caesar, the dog Wisperer and ask him if that is something a dog would think? But I'll just go on the fact that maybe he's not as "special" as I thought and actually has some sense!

I seriously considered for a brief second diving for him if he decided to run....even though I was completely dressed and the yard is a mud pit after all the snow! I guess in my mind it was better than the alternative of him getting beat up by 4 deer!!!

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JR911 said...

Uh....don't go diong any aerobatics and diving for him. Those deer would have been scared out of their wits and run like the wind as soon as he took off for them. No need to mess up your pretty shoes for that!! :o)