Crackin' me up

About 2 weeks ago, LH threw my jacket down on the floor - with my phone in the pocket!!! He didn't know it was in there and he was just being a boy! However, my phone didn't really get the being a boy thing and cracked! The face of it was splintered like a windhield and it just had a spot or two of black showing....well, this is what it looks like now!!! I hope you can see it as the black is spreading and it is making it harder and harder to read any text messages or even see who is calling! THANK GOODNESS for family share plans!!! Since we just got our new phones within the last 6 months, we are not eligible for an upgrade any time soon and it would mean this same phone would cost me $200! Um, no! We usually keep our older phones just in case - for reasons like this. We have let everyone else have those just recently. One is broken and the other went to my brother because he was having issues with his phone too. SO, how lucky were we to find out that one of the lines on the family share plan was eligible for an upgrade TODAY and I could use it!!!!! I will go tomorrow and get a new phone - well, the same phone as I am in love with this one! I might get red though!!! We'll see!!!!

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