Phase 2 - Spare/Junk Room

Ok....spare room done. For now. Its really just that, a spare room. We don't have a bed for it, so it just stays empty. We have laptops so we don't really need an office. BUT, regardless of what we do or don't use it for, there is no excuse for THIS:

I mean really? This just catches everything...
What color is my carpet? my walls?

It didn't start this way....and it won't get like this again!

Nice! All that stuff was either purged or taken down in the basement to put on those shelves! Guess now I'll have to fill it up again....shopping is in order!

Yay, there is a floor! Baby swing is for niece....that sucker is too hard to put up and take down over and over....

Some odds and ends....they will have a home at somepoint!
NOW, time to make chili, take a nap and relax a bit before we head out to a friend's house for New Year's and the VT game!!!

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Emily said...

I'm so happy to see that someone else has a JUNK ROOM!! Our spare room looks like this too. It's so sad. It's exactly what you described...need to get something off the kitchen counter? In it goes! You have inspired me to do some cleaning!!

But I will say that baby swing does look pretty good in there... Maybe it should be getting more use than when your niece comes. Nursery, anyone?? :)