Mamma Don't Like

Well, another crib post? Really? I really have made up my mind - I think! This one is dedicated to my mom, Gigi, because after my last post on the baby's room, she sent me links on the cribs she liked better than the one from Walmart! I liked them too, but was skeptical on the pricetag! She then informed me that this will be her gift to us! What an awesome mom/Gigi! She picked out this one and I do LOVE it. It converts to a toddler bed and full bed, so it's perfect! Now, I need to get some bedding (have it made after I choose fabrics) and we'll be well on our way.


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Love the crib...and your possible fabric you are choosing...makes me want to get preggers again with all the new and beautiful stuff out! LOL! Just kidding! We are done...YOu look beautiful..love the 18 week preggo pic! Praying you get more sleep soon!