Fish have feelings too

PETA would have a field day with me.

I just read THIS article and had to chuckle. At least it made me smile this morning.

I am an animal lover, really! I have dogs and think that treating any animal unfairly is wrong, but I am not a PETA activist nor do I agree with all their silly views.

I thinking hunting is perfectly ok and I eat all kinds of meat. I don't really go for fur, but I have leather bags, shoes and coats.

I think starving animals and beating them and making them fight is cruel, but putting fish in a fish tank is well, its a fish tank! The article is saying PETA is against putting fish in "captivity". I love 'Finding Nemo' just as much as the next person, but really? I am pretty sure real fish don't sit around and chat about trying to escape. Plus, they are fed and have pretty things to look at, so I'm sure they are pretty happy! I guess its better than being afraid you are going to be eaten by a big shark in the big dark blue!

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