Next best thing

I just got an email from a friend about an amazing deal for a Co-Op in our local area! This is a minimal membership fee of $35 for 5 lbs of fresh veggies each week during the growing season - and its available at our local farmer's market!!! I'm stoked because I'm not the best with growing - anything really, so this is perfect for me.

We try to buy fresh and local if at all possible. In the summers, LH and I take walks downtown and browse the market to see what's available. BUT, this summer, we will get to take home tons of fresh veggies each week already paid for!!! If we decide to get more than our 5 lbs, we get 10% off our purchases. Also, if you miss a week for whatever reason, you can pick it up the next! In addition to the veggies at the farmer's market, we can take LH to the closest farm - which is only about 20ish minutes away - for a hay ride or pick your own and 2 free canning seminars (haha if you know me, but still, a good deal)!

This makes me excited for the summer even more!!!

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amy said...

Hey, how can I get in on this?? Or can I? I have been looking into doing something like this...love ya girl!