That is the reason for my leave of abscence!

The stomach bug hit LH last Friday morning and we had a very low key weekend just the two of us. Well, for him, it was pretty low key - naps, sipping ginger ale, pedialite popsicles, and lots of movies, but for me it was a whirlwind of cleaning. The carpets got a good shampooing - twice, and the bathroom, kitchen, and pretty much every other cleanable surface got a good decontamination. All the blankets, sheets, comforters, clothes and towels were laundered too! I felt really good that the house was germ free and we were in the clear - until yesterday!

I left work early, had to pull over on the side of the road and well, lets just say, it wasn't very lady like and Miss Manners would have a fit if she had seen me!!! But what's a girl to do? I definitely had to get out of my new car!!!

Hubby thankfully was home and off work last night to take care of LH. He did everything and I'm so glad he did. He bleached the bathroom (again), did more laundering of sheets, blankets and towels, and kept LH far far away from me!!! They hung out in the man cave and let me rest upstairs. I am praying that he will be spared from this since he was gone and tried to keep his distance as much as he could yesterday. I guess only time will tell!

I'm feeling much better and am fever free. Came back to work for a little bit today, but I'm still so worn out, that I'll probably be home sooner than later and taking a nap. The grandparents are going to pick up LH today and feed him and play so I can rest some more! They are wonderful and we are so lucky we can count on them! Hopefully I'll be 100% by tomorrow!

Wash your hands.....this is a nasty nasty bug!!!!!

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amy said...

what a good husband! Hope you are 100% better!