That's what I used to do in college. I wasn't all lets put a whole pot of coffee on the night before a final and not sleep a wink but I was a little bit of a procrastinator. Well, that's not really the right word....hmmm, I was distracted! That's way better! I would attempt to study and do my work and then something else would inevitably come along that was just much more exciting! For instance, roomie and me would watch a movie or two, pop us some popcorn and then eventually take a study break - ya know, to study!! Now, with such a busy life, I feel more determined to get things done more efficiently.
So, I did it. I signed up and scheduled my first test! I'm one step (and $130 poorer) closer to my goal. I am taking the test on March 26. This isn't the one I'm terrified to take, but I'm not thinking that it'll just be a breeze either. I have some practice test materials and will really study/prepare for it as best I can. After this one, there is another test that is concentrated on the subject matter you want to teach in. Mine is math. I'm a number freak and ironically enough, I don't watch that show, but anyhow, I am really nervous about that test! I was looking up the info on it tonight and its only about 50-60 questions but I have to relearn to use a graphing calculator!!!! What??? I just want to do algebra! Can't I just take a test on 5x + 3y = 2z?? I LOVE some algebra and long division! I'm strange, I know, but what I don't love is geometry and graphing calculators!! Oh well, I'll just need to suck it up and figure it out.
I guess now I'll be spending more time on studying and less on facebook!!!

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JR911 said...

You're not the only freak....I LOVE Algebra too but hated Geometry in school.