Public Speaking

If you know me, then you know that I love to talk. I can talk to anyone or anything. I don't need to have reciprocation! Really, sometimes I'm pretty sure that things come out of my mouth and they are just for my benefit! I talked to myself all the time in my office. I'm sure my boss thinks I'm nuts...well, she probably figured that out a long time ago!
So, our family was asked to do a reading in church for this Sunday during service. We accepted. Hubby doesn't read out loud or in front of anyone. No biggie, I'll do it. I was told that I would be emailed the material or scripture or something about 2 weeks ago. I haven't seen ANYTHING yet!!!!! I'm starting to freak out here people!
I do NOT like public speaking. It may be a shock to you, but really, I DON'T!!! I can talk talk talk all day to small groups, friends, co workers, or even some random stranger in the grocery store line, BUT I do not speak to audiences!
I said yes because it is an honor and we are trying to be more involved in our Church now that I'm older and have a family, yada yada and I was excited that they asked us!
SO, now its Wednesday, the week OF the reading, and NADA!!!! I just wanted to be as prepared as possible, maybe print it out bigger and be able to practice!!!!!
I've emailed the contact and haven't heard anything yet, but I'm hoping to get something today!!!! I guess I'll just have to deal with it because now its already been submitted to the bulletin and our names printed, so I can't pass the buck!!! I just hate not being in control....


Kim said...

This should prove to be interesting. If no material comes, can you adlib? You could read from some of my posts. That would prove to interesting material. But you may get kicked out of church. Good luck with this. I would be so nervous I couldn't stand it. Michael loves public speaking, hence his preaching engagements.

JR911 said...

Oh no! I would hate to not have a handle on what I have to say and how to say it too.

Word of advice....DO NOT use Kim's posts, especially the potty or asparagus ones! :o)

Good luck, you'll do great. Just say a few extra prayers the night before!