Rainy Dayzzzzzzzzzz

Oh, I'm so glad that the sun has started shining again- with a little mix of heavy wind, but at least its dry! It's been raining for days and days and days! It stopped for a split second earlier this week, then bam, rain, rain, and more rain! I'm pretty sure this is what it would be like to live in London or Seattle!!!! I'm also fairly certain that I would be on some sort of self concocted cocktail including wine or beer and some really good anti-depressants! Really? Could you fully function in all that rain? I think I would go nutso in a second! I need sunshine - I need to wear flip flops - I need the warmth! Love my sunshine - can you tell? Thank goodness we're heading to the beach in less than two weeks!!!

So, to pass the time in all the rain, we headed to our indoor bowling alley and bowled a few frames- um, yeah, you don't have to be the president to have your own alley! Little Hauss beat all of us most certainly. He takes after his Gigi - she's an avid bowler!!!
Here are some pics to showcase our fun!

Daddy and Little Hauss ready to bowl!
Daddy's turn....wonder how he did?

Not a strike. Better luck next time!
So, if you are in the neighborhood and want to bowl a few frames, just stop on in to our alley aka hallway! We'd be glad to see you!


JR911 said...

I like your bowling-hallway much better than the smelly, you have to pay to put your feet in their funky shoes, places. Bowling is expensive and the cigarrette smoke is enough to kill you on the spot!

JR911 said...

P.S......I am getting tired of this raining crap on my days off too! I think it's putting us all in some sort of seasonal affective disorder funk!

Hokie Girl said...

You are so right about the smoke.....=)