We are forever locking ourselves out of the house even so much so that my MIL got us a really cute key holder for our house for Christmas! Um, yeah, we have YET to put a spare key in it, so it doesn't really do us much good now does it!

So, the other night, it was just the perfect night for some ice cream. I had my car back and we took off around 7ish. We made a quick stop at the in-laws and then onto get some ice cream. We were fat and happy returning to the house around 8:45 (it was Sunday, so Little Hauss wasn't even close to being tired yet due to Daylight savings) to find out that we had no house keys!!!! I had grabbed my key ring with just my car key on it - the one I left with the garage to fix my car!!!!! Hubby had left his keys (and wallet) inside the house. His wallet has a spare key in it...allota good it did us sitting inside the house!!!

Luckily for us, the weather had been delightful and we had some of the windows open. We usually leave the ones open that can't be reached, but we had left the tiny kitchen window (the one above the sink) opened!!! It just so happens that the back deck is backed up to that kitchen window, so we had a way in!!! WELL, you know my fat arse isn't fittin' through there, so what'd we do you ask? I shoved Little Hauss right on through feet first. Plopped him on the counter beside the sink and he opened the door!!!!!

This is just one reason you have children!!!


JR911 said...

I'd would have died if he came out with some smart remark like..."now, who's gonna let YOU in???? I'm eatin' ice cream again!"

The last time I locked myself out of my house, I had to kick the door in. It was dark, 0630 in the morning, and COLD and we had just recently moved in so the grass wasn't even taking root yet. My muddy boot prints all over the door, a broken frame, and a LOT of words that a Christian woman should never say (I wasn't a church-goer then, so that's my excuse and I'm stickin to it)!

Needless to say, we gave some people down the road a key to our house and hid one on the outside (don't ask where nosey....I'll never spill the beans). I will say that we recently changed our locks though but have yet to replace the spares with the neighbor or the outside secret squirrel area! Hmmmm, maybe I should do that this weekend.

Jamison Family said...

You make me laugh!!! I locked myself out of my MIL house the other day. Thankfully Andrew was in the car and I hadn't locked that.