Planning Ahead

I'm a planner. That is not a secret. I drive a lot of my friends crazy with this trait, but I just like to know what's going to happen and when. I think secretly some of them like it because its one less thing they have to worry about. I'll just do it.

So, since Hubby works midnight shift, we do alot of scheduling and communicating via E-mail. He isn't the best at keeping a calendar, so I have to remind him of days he needs off for events and trips. It works for us. This morning, I had an e-mail concerning August dates. I know you think that August is soooooo far away, but notsomuch. I started jotting down his abnormal work schedule and it was then that I noticed some problems. THIS is why you plan ahead. I've said before I have a few trips scheduled to the beach and those weekend, Hubby was supposed to be on Daddy Duty with Little Hauss - notsomuch!!!!

My in-laws are great and very rarely turn us down when we need help with Little Hauss, but I hate to infridge on them anymore than necessary! Those particular trips were planned (after discussion with Hubby) to ensure that he could be with Little Hauss. NOW, both are in a mess. We (meaning me)need to make arrangements for childcare (I'm not sure Hubby even has the babysitter's numbers in his phone).

So, I called Hubby and informed him that I replied to his email along with every single event/trip that has been scheduled from TODAY through SEPTEMBER!!! I also asked if we could actually sit down tonight and discuss all of the dates in person so we both were on the same page and to address any problems or conerns! Maybe just maybe, between my desk calendar, my planner, the wall calendar in our kitchen, and that e-mail, we won't have any major surprises! (And, yes, I do need ALL of those)


JR911 said...

Oh no!!! Sounds like you are indeed in a mess. I hate it when I plan things out and make arrangements for every loose end and then BAM!, hubby jacks something up by forgetting a date or making other plans. Then, he has the nerve to get aggravated at ME when I "remind" him that I had "reminded" him before of this or that date or event. MEN!!!!!!!!!!

Hokie Girl said...

Well, good thing is we have tons of helpers!!! I have back-ups just in case the in-laws are not available or if they need a break!!!