Sail Away

We are going on a cruise in October! I'm so excited. It will make the summer seem even longer! My parents are avid cruisers and always use Carnival and usually take 2 cruises each year! We are leaving out of New Orleans and then heading to the Yucatan (Progresso) Mexico and Cozumel. Our Ship is the Fantasy! It looks cool and has lots of fun stuff on board. I haven't had much time to check out the excursions, but I did see a zip line that looks amazing! Now, I just have to get our passports and we are ready to go!

Nawlins' - hopefully we'll have time for some jazz and creole red beans and rice!

Cruise Ship!

Ruins in Yucatan (Progresso)

Yucatan (Progresso)

It's so beautiful! I have been to Cozumel and Key West and had a great time, but I was only 16. This will be a nice relaxing Little Hauss Free vacation with the Hubby! I guess it is kind of like my birthday celebration - I'll be turning 30 in August. WOW.....let's not talk much about that!
This will be the longest we've left Little Hauss, but I'm not worried. He'll be in good hands with his Mauggie and Papa and then we have our good friends as back up in case the grandparents are in need of a break! He probably won't even notice we're gone he'll be having so much fun!
Well, now I guess I really need to get my arse in gear and start hitting the gym....Looks like I'll be in a bathing suit for months!

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Tiffany and Jamie said...

Wow!!! That sounds cool. So are your parents going with you too? Does this put plans on hold then :) :) :)