Took my car for an (overdue) inspection.....it was rejected! I kind of thought it might be, but still needed to take it.


Completely new exhaust system/muffler
New break light - ummmm, still trying to figure out why no one mentioned this one to me
Left rear wheel cylinder
Left lower ball joint

I don't even know what some of those are and I really don't care as long as they get fixed and I pass inspection.

Don't worry, I did not take it to Valvoline and deal with the same ol' shiot! BUT, I do have a guy and he loves me, so, we're good! I just hope my wallet feels the same after all this!


JR911 said...

You and your car troubles!!!!

Hokie Girl said...

I know I know. It is an older car, so I know there are going to be things to fix, but good golly, you'd think I'd get a break!!!

JR911 said...

You'll get a break alright....but it'll be $200 BRAKE. :o)