Winter Wonderland

Baby Girl Zoey - her favorite is catching snowballs!
Can you see him? My snowbaby Zeus!

Little Hauss and Mommy being goofy!

Watch out!
Our House in Snow....
Well, its finally March! Time for blooming flowers, green grass, birds chirping and the beginning of flip flop season! Notsomuch! SNOW on March 2! Who would have guessed? I don't love the white stuff much, at all really! I mean, it really is nice to look at and when it first falls its so pretty untouched, but then, its just not fun!
Little Hauss really enjoyed himself and I was a good mommy going out in it even though I would rather not (cold and wet - not my cup of tea)!! Now, I was no snow bunny by any means....striped pj pants, hot pink hoodie, green scarf, gray gloves, black/gray stripe stocking cap, and the icing on the cake - Hubby's HUGE black rain boots!!! I was a mess! Thank goodness NO ONE saw me....I hope!
Little Hauss was dressed much better (for the snow as well as more fashionable) even though I didn't have any snow gear. I just layered him up as much as I could and sent him out....he's 3, he'll thaw out! Except, I didn't have any hot chocolate so it was just a hot bath!!
He didn't have preschool on Monday, so he got to spend the day with his Papa building a "snowman". I don't know how much Papa helped, and apparently the snow wasn't that great for forming big balls, so it was just a snow "creature". He had fun and that's all that matters! He also got a new sled and boots! I guess when it snows again we'll b prepared - but I have a feeling this is the only bit we'll get! I'm hoping for it!

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JR911 said...

What beautiful dogs....mine are jsut 3 months old and we had several feet of snow drifts so you can imagine how well that went. Good thing they're so light that they didn't sink down much, but hearing them yelp because they got stuck in the snow was kinda funny (I know, bad doggy mommy).

I wish I coulda seen you in that get up! I would have only laughed for a few minutes and posted your pic in 20 or 30 places on the internet!