Daylight Savings Time

Is not my best friend like it used to be - ya know, before mommyhood!

For all mommies....there are two weeks we dislike more than any other week in during the whole year - Spring Forward and Fall Backwards! It turns a kid into a monster most likely!

I do have to say Spring is a bit better than Fall only because wake up time is a little later, but their little body clocks are set in stone most of the time! Bedtime is worse only because its so late!
Now, after about a week, it gets back to normal - whatever that is? and we are on our way for another happy 6 months!

I personally like having longer days and the warmer weather, but this day kicks my arse every time! I can't manage to get to bed at a decent hour and then I'm dragging all day!!!! I'll perk up tomorrow I'm sure!

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JR911 said...

Amen sister! I hate to "spring" forward more than ANYTHING! Who ever thought of using a cheery term like "spring" when you lose an hour of sleep ought to be shot.