Another Counseling Session

This time it will be with my mom. My parents are going to be here Thursday and we both have some home improvement projects we'd like to tackle. Friday, I will help her paint a bedroom at their house here in town, and Saturday I hope that we can work on some stuff in my bathroom. I really just want to get the vanity painted, and a new mirrror and light fixture!!! Since Hubby will be gone, I think I'll enlist my dad to help with the lights! I might just have to leave the room because we are so much alike, its hard for us to work on projects together for long periods of time!!! I think that is why it is easier for my mom and me to work together.

I hope to take some before pictures tonight and then hopefully by early next week I'll have some afters!

Hubby is probably glad he's going to miss this. Sometimes I suggest ideas and he's not too keen on them, but once I do it, he likes it. I guess he doesn't have much of a choice considering I'm not going to "un" do it!!!

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