28 lbs

I would love to say this is what I've lost in weight, but it's not....but on a side note, I'm down about 8 lbs.

Still don't know? It's the weight of my suitcase!!!! YES, I've already started packing. I have to. I have to make sure everything fits in the carry-on so I'm not paying to check the bag! I'm that cheap. I have a few ideas what I could do with an extra $30, not to mention if we both checked bags! Sheesh - what a ripoff!

Now, this still gives me room to groove. I have to keep it under 40 lbs. I already have all my dinner outfits, excursion outfits, shoes, toiletries, exercise clothes, bathing suits, and pajamas! I am sure I can throw in a few more things - one of which will probably be hubby's size 13 shoes!!! Golly ned, those suckers take up a lot of room in a suitcase! And, yes, I will be exercising! Hubby is addicted to the gym and sweating and all that good for you crap, so there is no excuse for me not to join him! Plus it will help keep these 8 lbs off that I've worked so hard for the past couple of weeks.

I also have to plan for New Orleans. We are staying there Thursday night after we get off the boat. More clothes!!! I'm an overpacker by nature. It's not that I don't plan the outfits - hello - panner here, but I like options. I don't like being committed to one outfit before I leave - I mean, you never know what the weather will do and what you'll be in the mood for. So, I've tried my best to have a few versatile pieces to mix and match throughout the week! Watch it be like the beach, and you pack all kinds of stuff and live in a bathing suit for 5 days!


JR911 said...

I don't know that I could pack everything I needed for a cruise or extended vacation in a carry-on!! You are the WO-MAN!

Hokie Girl said...

I am kind of fabulous aren't I??? haha!