The Biggest LOSER

And I'm not talking about weight. That biatch Traci is a straight up LOSER in the true sense of the word. She's only playing the game to control it for herself and her own good. She didn't think of anyone else in that whole entire house except for her.
Now, I know its a TV show, but this is real! This is something that affects our everyday life. Obesity is everywhere. These people need this show and need this opportunity. They are all (mostly) kind, considerate, and genuinely concerned about the well being of their fellow teammates. They know who needs to stay and are willing to do what it takes to make that happen, even if that means they have to sacrifice themselves and their spot. She's not. AND after her weeklong stay in the hospital following the first challenge off the bus and having her partner pick up her slack just so she could stay in the house, you would think she understood. She doesn't.
YES, it is a game, I get that. BUT it is also life and she's toying with it by choosing to be in control. Then, she's trying to backtrack and be "honest" but she'll never be trusted again. I hope her partner Mo realizes who she really is and stop giving her the benefit of the doubt! He truly knows the power of forgiveness. He's a good man.

Ok...so I know I have no clue who these people are, but to watch the devastation of their lives and feelings be so raw and out there makes me feel like I know them.

Thanks for letting me on the soap box!

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JR911 said...

You preach it, sister! I was so irate at everything she did last night. What a selfish, inconsiderate, weak-willed woman. I have never seen Jillian so mad as she was last night, and she had every right to be.

That lying patheric excuse for a woman and teammate lied and didn't care about anyone but herself. She doesn't even show remorse for the lives she has ruined. She didn't even need that power after all...they were on top.

I'm glad no one clapped or congratulated her weight loss after all the shameful things she did and I hope to see her on the way home next week.

Grrrrrrr....she had all of us so angry last night! You're right, this is REAL LIFE for those people, not just some silly game show. They need REAL HELP, not some jerk trying to game play on week two when she doesn't even do the workouts. Humph!