30th Birthday Party

Here are promised pics from my birthday party! The one regret I have is I didn't get a pic with my parents or in laws! Enjoy!

Mommy and LH - he was such a good party man - entertained all of my friends!
This was towards the end of the night - notice the water spots on my dress! I was trying to sneak some water and they caught me and I spilled!!!! Also, notice the fabulous necklace!!! That was from my parents! They rock!
One of my bestest friends ever and the host of the party! Her and her hubby are troopers! They helped plan and even offered up their house last minute when plans changed!

Hubby's college roomie and his wife - btw who is almost 5 months preggers!!!! Can't even tell!! She looks fantabulous! Love them!

Twins!! What can I say, this color is IN! Love K!

Us with my college roomie and her hubby! They surprised me from Raleigh!!! Such a special treat!

My brother and Sherry! Can't wait to meet baby - who by the way, should be here any time now!!! Mommy looks HOT - all belly!!!

My "walking friend" as hubby calls her and good friend C! These are some very cool and fun chicks!!! We are celebrating C's 40th in September!!!

The other host!!!! Too bad I didn't get a pic of us with the couple!!! Oh well, they were busy making my special day even more special!!! Love them!

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mrs. snizz said...

Jenny - You Look GREAT! :)