Things are changing...

In the house....

I have a plan...as always!!! BUT, this plan hasn't been executed since I'm crazy busy with that thing called LIFE!!!

I know this plan is going to work out great and make my life more stress free! What? Who am I kidding...I'll never be stress free - in fact, hubby mentioned once (way back in the dating phase) that he wasn't sure if I was happy unless I was stressed out! NICE. But he has a point...a small one, but still! Moving on...

OK...my projects are taking over the kitchen table! I had originally thought about using the "spare" room (aka junk room) as my crafty room, but eventually that will be a nursery. Yes, I'm already planning the nursery - shush - it's my house! But seriously, it's gonna happen in the next year I hope, so why make it one type of room, just to turn around and change it - duh!

Mom is here and willing to help - aka, get my arse in gear!!! She is a great motivator...well, she just goes goes goes all the time and loves to do do do - especially around the house! Its wonderful for me who wants to do all these fantabulous projects, but just can't seem to find the energy or motivation at the end of the day! What about weekends you ask? Well, there are very few "free" weekends in our future, so the time is now! Nights are out for hubby to help because of his crazy work schedule, so this weekend will be productive, I just know it and hubby is preoccupied with training and football!

Things that are going to happen -
1- set up "craft" corner in the basement complete with some sort of screen or separator to "hide" my mess
2 - find shelving for the laundry/storage side of the basement (and actually assemble and stock with storage items)
3 - set up desk and "office" space in basement complete with all misc. office supplies from "spare" room
4 -sort through LH's toys and games and pack up those not in use anymore (this one might not be done, but it's on the list)

It's a short list, but should be lots of work!

Hubby likes "helping" me this way - by not being there! Sometimes it works so much better that way! He will need to retrieve the desk from the attic, but that's about all I'll use him for!


JR911 said...

Sounds like a great plan. I find that I always get more work done when I can just kick the kids and hubby out of the house and dig in! Glad your mom is there to help, sounds like she has a gift for that sort of thing.

Kim said...

Good luck!!! I have so much that needs to be done and no Hubby there to help. This is actually a problem for me because he just goes behind me and makes a mess after I clean something. I can't get ahead because he's always getting me behind. :-(