Creatures in the Night

Are NOT my friends. Who am I kidding....creatures in general are not my friend or ever will be. NEVER!

I don't like any! I don't care if they fly, crawl, creep or inch. I don't want them near me. I know that some are pretty like butterflies and ladybugs, but still not my friend.

Last night, went to bed - LATE - after painting and got all cuddled up in the covers to watch the news. It was nearly over, so I turned off the tv and tried to fall asleep. I heard it in the blinds. Trying its hardest to find the light! It wanted out but its a window....all bugs haven't figured this concept out yet! So, I get up, turn on the light and ever so slowly move the curtain and the blind to see what it was....I was pretty sure it was just a big fly. Hell no, it was a big moth! It darted out of the blinds and started batting around the room like a crackhead in a padded room - oh wait, that was me! I even knocked a huge candle holder/wall decoration off the wall! It went clashing and banging and about gave me a heart attack as it was behind me when I bumped into it! That thing was trying to find a place to land and settle in for the night. I was sorry to tell that damn moth, but the only place it was settling in was the trashcan after I smooshed it! So, finally, where does it stop? My freakin' bed! Well, smart little moth - I can't smoosh it on there! Gross! So, I had to coax it off the bed into another flying frenzy and it finally landed where I could put me out of my misery. Yes, me - I don't care about that stinkin' moth's feelings! Sheesh! I'm not that girl that's all one with nature.

So, of course, the moth is in the trashcan along with the notepad that I smooshed it with....not even trying to clean that off!!! I can buy a new notepad - hell it was probably one that was given to me by some vendor at some expo! But, then, all I could think about was that stinkin' moth or one of its friends crawling out of the darkness while I was peacefully sleeping. Needless to say, nothing else exciting occured and I did end up passing out around 12:30.

I haven't told Hubby any of this, so I'm sure he will wonder why our room looks like a bomb went off and the candle thing is laid accross his dresser! Then, I'm fairly positive that will spark some sort of comedic reaction and he'll have a nice laugh at my expense. I don't really care so much because he already knows I am loony about creatures.

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