This is something I will see very soon!!!!! GO HOKIES!!!!!!!

We are Atlanta bound in about 30 minutes or so! I can't wait to get down there and have a mini vacation with my parents, uncle, and friends! I'm really super excited about this trip because my uncle from FL is heading in for the game and it will be the first time he's ever met Little Hauss!!!! They've only talked on the webcam, so this is going to be great!
Also, we are all going to the game but it will be a divided household!! Mom, dad, Uncle M, and Aunt P are all BAMA fans!!!!! Boohiss! BUT, we are sitting in the Tech section, so this should be interesting!
LH has already asked his Gigi if he can stay with her for a long time....like 15 years and if I could bring all his stuff! Hmmmm, if I let her, she'd probably keep him, but I won't!

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