Listening Ears?

Are yours on? This is a typical question in our house.....usually aimed at our son, but I almost asked the Hubby last night.

I left the house in the morning giving him details of the evening events - not to surprise him - I thought I was being considerate and thoughtful as things would indeed be different from normal evenings. WRONG.....I think everything I told him followed me out the door because when I came home, he asked all kinds of things that I had already told him and acted like what I was saying was crazy!

Hubby, I love you dearly, and I do love to talk, but sometimes, despite what you think, there are important details that come out of my mouth that I would appreciate you giving half and ear to!

Ok, I've said my piece! Please forgive me for blog bashing you - his words, not mine!

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JR911 said...

My hubby has that problem all the time! I think it's a male thing....they just hear Charlie Brown's teacher unless you say something useful to them (yeah, you know what I mean)!