Ashes to Ashes....

You think that it'll never happen to you. Always feeling so sorry for those other people far away that you don't really know or can't really see the ramifications. I'll admit, I'm kind of like that. I sympathize with families that struggle (more so than us) or I cry when I see the shows that rebuild homes after disasterous fires, floods, and the like, but I never really know what it's like. Well, now I do.

Hubby called about 12:30 this afternoon (which is fairly odd because he should be sleeping) and that should have been a clue.....
He informed me that the neighbor's house was on fire! REAL fire...like engulfed in flames and destroying everything in their life they had ever known right in front of their very own eyes. Something that I just can't even imagine for myself. What do you do? How will you live?
Everyone was ok, out of the house, including the 3 dogs that have now become our house guests! 2 Jack Russels and 1 Lab mix added to our 2 Boxers! Full house to say the least! He said that there were tons of Firemen, Police, EMS, you name it there to help. He called with updates all afternoon. It had taken the fire department at least an hour or more to contain just the outside before they even entered the house with hoses and such. SO, you can just imagine the smoke and water damage left behind from this ordeal. The one saving grace for today was that it was raining steadily, which I can only hope that aided in the putting out of the flames.
Hubby said they had to bust out the vent in the attic, the front door and some windows to get in. I am so glad I wasn't there to witness this tragic event. I would have been a basket case! I will now not only sympathize, but will have true empathy for my neighbors and everything that they have endured today.
Who knows what the future holds, but I bet they'll have to tear down the house and start from scratch. What a weird feeling!

Now, I've just got to figure out a way to explain all this to Little Hauss. If anything, it will be a great lesson in our blessings from God and how we can help a neighbor in need.

Please say a prayer for our friends as they need them so much right now.


OurFamily said...

Oh my gosh, how horrible. I know I'm not exactly close-by but if there is anything that they need that I may be able to help with please let me know.
They're in our prayers!

Lori said...

What do they need? Do they have children that need clothing? Do they need clothing? How can I help?

JR911 said...

God bless them and thank the Lord they are all okay. Please ask them what they need. I would love to help any way I can.

You're right, this is a lesson for your little man in God's grace and how we can help our fellow neighbors in need.