Zip It

My mouth that is.

As most of you know or have realized, I talk a lot. I have lots to say (whether you want to listen to it or not) and I'm very straight forward. I try really hard to think before I speak, but sometimes that doesn't always happen.

I have a tone. You know that tone. Sometimes I don't even know I have it until someone takes offense. Puh-leeze! Some people are wound too tight for their own good and can't just let it be. Some people should get a back bone and say something to my face if it bothers them.....obviously I say it like it is, so they should be able to return the favor. Most times, I'm not mad or upset, but just simply stating a fact or an observation. Other times, I am a little peeved, and yes, you will know it. I have no problem telling you if I'm irritated. If I'm really mad, you'll definitely get the picture - or Stella will tell you, but hopefully it doesn't reach that point.

Either way, I'm sorry to anyone I've offended by just being me and saying things that always come out of my mouth! I'll try to work on that!


Tiffany and Jamie said...

I love you just the way you are!

JR911 said...

I, for one, appreciate someone who is willing to tell it like it is. I am that same kind of person and it has caused me a lot of problems in the past because most people aren't like that. They want to dance around issues, lie to make you happy, and take offense at the drop of a hat.

OurFamily said...

No way, be yourself! We come here to read about what you have to say, and we don't want it sugar-coated, if we did, we wouldn't be here! Love it!