Sugar 'em up and let 'em loose!

Pretty much my motto of the weekend.

We were at home this weekend but with tons of things to do. Friday I took Little Hauss to the local After 5 festivities where he indulged in a sprite and sherbet then jumped himself silly in the bouncehouse, followed by an overnight stay at Mauggie and Papa's. (outta sight right?)
I picked him up Saturday after my test (2nd round) and we headed to an event at a local park where all types of trucks, motor cycles, and even some aircrafts were that kids could get in, climb on, and blow the horns! I am pretty sure he had about 5 gumballs (yes, the very sugary kind) before we went and ended up with some sort of fruit roll up and a cookie from his lunchable and maybe 2 juice boxes...it was hotter than all get out! After his (our) extremely long nap, we went poolside and where he finally ate pizza and abou a gazillion cinnamon sticks with icing around 9pm.
Today wasn't much different.....after some froot loops, we hit Target to purchase a birthday gift for the party this evening and I'm pretty sure there might have been some more gumballs in there too. He finally ate some veggies in his chicken pot pie and a few blueberries before taking another long nap. With no time for dinner, we headed to the party at My Gym and he ran around like crazy and he (we) ate ice cream cake and doritos. He did eat a granola bar afterwards in the car that had chocolate chips in it! which he reminded me that he couldn't have!!! Everyone knows LH doesn't eat chocolate pretty much ever! He can deal with sugar, but not the caffeine, but tonight, it was all I had and he needed something to get him through Vacation Bible School for the next 2 hours! Yes, I literally took him from the party and dropped him at church! Hope he's a bundle of joy for them!!!
I should get the Mother of the Year award.....I am fairly certain he has consumed maybe a whole serving of fruits and veggies this entire weekend! Oh well, we'll be back on track tomorrow!

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