It only took 14 years....

To train the Hubby (with my superb planning skills)! So, I'm wearing off on him. Better late than never I guess.

Hubby and I work for the same employer, and our email server is a lot like Microsoft Outlook and has the calendar, tasks, etc that can be shared between anyone on the server. Music to my ears this morning when he came home and told me he set up a share calendar for us to use!!! This sure beats digging into his breifcase for his planner (that isn't always filled in) and adding things to it, finding out when he's off work, has training, etc, and sending lengthy emails about all upcoming events he must attend!!!

I thought he might have been ill and even checked him for a fever - but no - he just decided that things are getting busier and busier so we needed something a little more structured that we could both check, add to, change, etc and it will automatically share with the other person! Really, a man after my own, a-typical and anal retentive heart! Love you!

Side note - this is in addition the the desk calendar, wall calendar, planner, personal outlook calendar, and not to mention all the saved dates in my head I already use! I might have a problem!

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JR911 said...

I love it! I wish more people would use that darn GW calendar...it really is a great tool.

Never expected to see it used for personal scheduling, but I think it's a great idea for people who both work for the County.

Way to go Hubby and happy times HokieGirl!