Where do we come from?

Little Hauss never ceases to amaze me with his charm, knowledge, and most of all wit! He's quite the funny guy and knows more than he should at this age! I really never worried about "those" conversations or having the "talk", but I didn't expect it until about age 5 or 6! He's not even 4 and is catching me off guard more and more these days!

This week I got stuck in one of those moments! Little Hauss asked me how long the Hubby and I had been married (which is just crazy from a 3 1/2 year old anyway but nonetheless). I told him almost 7 years which he replied to with "when I was a baby?" I told him no, that he wasn't born yet. He said, "oh, when I was in your belly?" I told him no again and said that he wasn't in mommy's belly until a few more years after that. He then dropped the bomb on me. He asked "How did I get in your belly?" WHAT? Ok, So I really did have a simple answer for this...but before I could even answer him, he sneaks this out - "Mom, how did you get me in your belly? Did you eat me?" HAHA! I really was just on the floor laughing. He got me good! But then he sucker punched me one last time......He asked "how did you get me out?"

And that marked the end of the converstation!

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JR911 said...

That is HI-larious.....and it's only the beginning!