We've gone and done it!

We have a fair that comes to town every year. It's one of the biggest on the east coast and it's here for about 10 days each summer! I used to go with my friends to just hang out and walk around in high school, but haven't been back sense. Oh, well, maybe ONCE about 5 years ago I literally walked in to get a funnel cake and walked right back out! Well, after we had Little Hauss, I mentioned it to the Hubby! I thought we should take him a couple of summers ago when he was almost 2! Wrong! Hubby and I both work for a local establishment where we see all sorts of people and usually on one of their worst days so Hubby was less than thrilled to go and have a possible run in with any of them....especially with having his family with him.
Now that Little Hauss is almost 4, he's very aware of the HUGE Ferris Wheel in his backyard and wants to go see what its all about! I don't blame him - what kid wouldn't be attracted to the lights and rides? Oh, and it doesn't help that all the kids in school are talking about it. He came home everyday last week asking when we were going. We took him on Friday evening (hubby had already agreed that we should and he would just man up and be a good daddy!!!!). It didn't open until 4, so we got there a little after the gates opened and walked a loop so he could take it all in - and so we could scope out the rides he could actually ride alone. Lucky us, he met the height requirement for over 15 or so rides. With tickets costing a pretty penny, it was well worth it for us to purchase the wristband and let him go on as many as he wanted - which was ALL of them!
He LOVED it. He went down the slide over 5 times and rode some others twice! He was so excited and in awe of all the scenery - we were in awe of some of it as well! I still can't figure out where these people come from.....and this seriously must be a vacation for some of them. It is easy as pie to drop over $100 in an hour at this place....games, tickets, and food! We had a limit for Little Hauss. He got all the rides with the wristband, one snack and one drink. He was having so much fun though, we had to force him to stop and eat (and knowing him, you know that is a hard feat because he eats everything all the time)!
And on a positive note, we didn't see any riff raff that we knew! It was a good day, but we're thankful it only comes once a year!!!!!

This is why it was all worth it! He's in awe!
View from the top!

The Sea Lions

Chowing down on a corndog!

Probably the 3rd or 4th time down the slide!

Getting ready to spin the apple!

Ready for take off!

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Tiffany and Jamie said...

You guys need to come down to Raleigh in October and take him to the State Fair with us!