As you can tell, I am changing things around again. I just can't seem to find a background I'm in love with! I think I'll be able to stick with this one until at least the end of the summer....but don't hold me to that!
Well, along with my new background, I've lost my poll! But I got a pretty good idea of which invitation was preferred - the last one, which was my favorite too! I'll let you see the finished product as long as nothing major changes - like the theme!!!

Speaking of birthdays, Little Hauss got invited to a party this evening for another little boy in his class at My Gym! We are still in need of a gift (just got the invitation on Friday) so we'll be venturing out for that soon -hope it goes better than last time....we were in Walmart for eternity debating on what his friend should have!

Hopefully we'll get in some pool time, followed by a nap and then Vacation Bible School starts tonight as well, so we have a busy day ahead of us!

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