A little over 3 weeks to go

Well, he/she is growing lots!!! I feel just in the last week or so the belly has really popped out more! It is starting to really get in my way of bending, rolling, moving and even sitting at my desk! I love it though! I'm really not in any hurry to get this baby out yet like most women are at this point. Call me crazy! I love being pregnant. This time around has caused some hormonal imbalances so to speak with my attitude, but physically I'm a baby machine! Too bad this is my last go 'round!
So, went to the doctor on Friday last week and he checked me! Not fun, but I am 1 cm dilated. He said that I'm still pretty high and "thick"! Haha -that's just funny. Anyway, at this rate, I'm still on schedule - measuring at 36 weeks (which is right on) and we decided IF this baby doesn't want to come out before, we will induce the 1st of September.
This is a wonderful thing! Not on my birthday and plenty of time before LH's birthday! Poor hubby will be celebrating birthdays for 2 weeks straight now, but well worth it! I really hope I go until the 1st. It would just be ideal for many reasons, but we'll see what happens. I go back this Wednesday but I doubt he'll check me again so close to last time. I could be wrong? I have no idea. He is off Thurs, Fri and Monday, so had to schedule an appt in the middle of the week! Then, I'll have 2 more Friday appointments and then it's baby time!
I'm ready for this baby. I go in the nursery and just look around like I should be doing something else, but to be honest, it is practically all done. It's like I want to nest, but I've done so much, I'm not sure what else I can do. I did plenty this weekend though. Hubby was gone overnight Saturday and LH spent the day at the pool with friends then left for the beach with Papa yesterday morning, so I was all alone. One would have thought I spent my time resting and relaxing, but no, I did lots of laundry (washed, dried, folded, & put up), dishes, cleaned, etc. Then I went shopping! It was tax free weekend and I got LH some clothes (and maybe a little something for myself too).
I finally got a baby book! It's somewhat boyish but has animals and such on it. It's the best I could do. I thought about waiting to find out to get gender specific, but I know that I wouldn't find the time to do it and then I'd be so behind in entering all the info. This was best! I even filled it out last night as much as I could!
Oh, and just so you all know, this is NOT a maternity dress. I LOVE it though and dresses seem to be more comfy these days as well as A WHOLE LOT cooler!!! I think it should be ok and not stretched out a lot after wearing it now...oh well though!
Almost 37 weeks!

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amy said...

Girl you look precious with your preggo belly!!!! Love the dress! Maxi dresses are my favorite..I have a violet and black one similiar to that! Hang in there!

I am thinking it's a girl! :)