Happy Birthday Month!!!

To me of course....=) Reason for the blog's updated template! Have to start celebrating of course.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE my birthday, but it doesn't stop there. I LOVE your birthday too!!! Really, I can't seem to stop myself with gifts, cooking, baking, pouring cocktails and making your day as special as it should be. This goes for family, friends, and just about anyone I'm close to!

It's kind of sickness I guess. I am addicted to birthdays! Hey, it could be worse.

So, a friend's birthday is this weekend and her family is at the beach and will be driving back Saturday (her actual birthday). She thinks I'm certifiable due to the planning I've already put into her celebratory homecoming! She will come back to a meal, cocktails and wonderfully tasting cupcakes, not to mention some pretty swell gifts! I can "spoil" all this on the blog due to the fact that she isn't reading it this week!!!
Next weekend she and I have planned our kiddo's birthday parties together. Her daughter will be 8 on Sept. 6 and LH will turn 5 on the 7th, but with the holiday weekend, start of school and the pool closing, we wanted to have a pool party that they could really enjoy! We are doing low key, cupcakes, swimming, and snacks! I'm not even going to have him open gifts until we go home. Let them enjoy playing for those 2 hours and let me enjoy the not being stressed out part! Even though I will be with all those kids in a pool!
THEN, the big day!!!! My birthday is the 27th!!! I pray that I will NOT be in labor. Really, I pray for that all day everyday. I do NOT want to share my birthday. I believe this is a special day all for yourself. Now, I do share my birthday with a second cousin and a friend's little girl, but that is different. I don't want to have to share it with my own child! I DEFINITELY do not want this baby sharing LH's birthday either, so we are inducing by the 1st to make certain that won't happen. Plus, I will be home by the first day of school too! Priorities! Now, this year, I have a feeling I'll be really celebrating my big day later on in the fall...with a cocktail in hand and possibly a dinner out with Hubby and friends that I can actually eat the entire meal without feeling miserably full after 3 bites. So, I guess in a sense, I get to celebrate twice! Or more if anyone is willing! wink wink!

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